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Mar 3, 2014 8:00am PST
, its ties to russia, the transport hub, so much of russian energy supplies into urine. it is incredibly important where it is and the gas and oil that runs through it. this is what's so precarious about this ratcheting up of concerns. there is that map we made for you. >> it is literally the pipeline to the west. all that gas from russia goes right through ukraine. >> you look at russian companies. right now, the russian companies that are russian but they trade on the new york stock exchange, the nasdaq. russian oil companies losing 6%, 7%. an exchange traded fund, the rsx, that tracks russia, down big. russian stocks hammered, 13%. the ruble, tumbling. a record low to the euro and the dollar. the central bank of russia came in and jacked up interest rates to try to buffer and help its economy with all of these head winds. >> this matters not just to americans and their 401(k)s but it will matter diplomatically as well. these are the levers that u.s. negotiators can pull. >> if the sabre rattling continues, that urt hads markets for the week. >> we are covering the crisis in the ukrain
Mar 4, 2014 8:00am PST
through this very difficult period and buy energy supplies into the country. also, expertise being given by the u.s. to the finance ministry and central bank to plan their economy a little bit better. what's happening now is that john kerry is speaking with members of the interim ukrainian government to talk about what concrete steps the united states and others in the international community can take to help them out in this difficult position, to try and put pressure on the russians and get them through this very tight financial squeeze that they are going to be in over the coming weeks and months. >> matthew chance in kiev. we are waiting for secretary of state, john kerry. he will hold a news conference there in about 30 minutes. we will get that live. i want to go to christiane amanpour. let's talk about president vladmir putin. he said that the current government in ukraine is illegitimate and russia reserves the right to use more force in ukraine if he wants to. those are strong words. amidst all that, you detected if not conciliation, at least reason to hope that the situation wi
Feb 26, 2014 8:00am PST
. it means the batteries of their cells are defective. you need energy. remember all those high school books with the cells dividing and things that need energy to drive it. these kids are born with problems in the battery. the technique is take an egg with a normal, healthy battery, a my toechondria and transplant it into an egg in a family you know has these diseases and fertilize it, voila, in theory, no problem, no disease, because you have put in the right genes. >> the egg has dna from two mothers. >> 37 genes come with the my toechondria and two mothers. in all honesty, i don't think we will have a dispute based on that. it is pretty clear the dad and the person that has the embryo and carries it to term are going to be the parents. >> let's bring in danny cevallos. is there going to be a problem there? let's start with the fact that there would be three parents. would somebody have a right to say that they can claim parentage to an offspring? >> well, that becomes a problem. how will the law deal with what is a parent and how to define a parent. dr. caplan, i have been a follower of
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
to the mediterranean. many countries, particularly in the eastern europe, get faster amounts of fuel and energy from russia. this is a very complicated spider's web financially. >> what's being discussed are sanctions. christine romans, what kind of effect can this have on russia. >> russia sells all the gas and oil. it gets paid. if they are going to have some sort of dispute on aland gas with europe or is going to shut off oil and gas again to ukraine, it hurts itself. >> it does. you would have thought so. but, there are plenty of other places in the world where they can sell that. look down towards the east. look down towards southeast asia. and, don't forget, if there is disruption in the oil market, what happens to the price. >> it goes up. >> who gains if it goes up. >> russia. if you are a seller. >> the imaginations and permations, sanctions, the u.s. is fot wanting to shut russia out, for good cause. they are big players in the london financial markets. sanctions is always a policy that turns into somebody refuses to join in. >> vladmir putin already said yesterday very simply, we are all
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4